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Aug 2, 2016

On today's podcast episode, we'll help a podcast listener understand what their cholesterol numbers mean.

We were given permission from Jon, a member of Belly Burnin' Nation, to cover his lipid panels and cholesterol results on the podcast.

Since we mostly advocate a higher fat type of diet, the most common question we receive is about cholesterol.

Get ready for more geekin' out and nerdin' out about cholesterol.

Here are our recommendations to Jon so he can optimize his cholesterol levels for optimum performance:

---  Total cholesterol of 186. We recommend increasing it to over 200 for ultimate mind, body and hormone health.

---  LDL cholesterol of 120. We have no concerns, but would recommend a deeper inflammation test and LDL particle size test.

---  HDL cholesterol of 50. We recommend increasing it as much as possible and taking a deeper look at the HDL particle size.

---  Triglycerides of 78. This is pretty good for being a craft beer drinker.

---  Glucose of 77. This is pretty good when you have LDL and total cholesterol slightly elevated.

---  Triglycerides to HDL ratio 1.56. As long as you keep it below 2.0 all is good.

---  HDL to total cholesterol ratio 27%. As long as you keep it above 24% all is good.

---  Total cholesterol to HDL ratio 3.72. As long as you keep it below 5.0 all is good.

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