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Burn Off Your Beer Belly is committed to helping you burn belly fat naturally and achieve your ultimate health & wellness goals. You’ll discover how to take an unconventional, yet sensible ‘UN-dieting’ approach to real food nutrition, healthy lifestyle design, incredible fat loss, lean muscle gain, primal & paleo eating habits, hangover cures, hangover prevention techniques and so much more. All this while still enjoying good, quality craft beer. Each week we help you reject the mainstream & conventional diets by providing actionable, legitimate and practical solutions to reduce belly fat. Burn Off Your Beer Belly is here to help you be healthy, boost energy, beat cravings and burn belly fat safely.
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May 5, 2016

On today's bonus podcast episode, you'll discover some moreanswers to your questions. Plus we'll give a Belly Burnin' Nationmember's fat burning progression report.

Questions about adding himalayan sea salt to your water, proteinpowders, a powerful brain supplement we can't pronounce, and othersupplement questions about alpha lipoic acid, L-carnitine andNAC.

Here's a few of the questions we answer on the podcast:

---  I've started adding the pink sea salt tomy water like you had mentioned. I add 1 teaspoon to 30 ounces ofwater. I was wondering why this doesn't actually dehydrate me. Iguess it would be helpful if you expanded a bit more on thispractice in general at some point.

---  I was wondering if you could take a lookat this Progenex Protein Powder and give me your thoughts onit.

---  I wanted to ask you aboutPhosphatidylserine complex, which is a mixture of Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidylcholine. Is It safe? Is iteffective? I find everywhere on the internet- it is touted as abeing an absolute necessity in a daily nootropicroutine.

---  Do u have any experience with AcetylL-Carnitine (ALCAR)? What have u heard about it?

---  Is there any point of taking Alpha LipoicAcid without NAC? Research says that together they areeffective, but you have given this alpha lipoic acid, as analternative in your hangover treatments as it helps boostglutithanone levels. It also has a nootropic effect (at leastthat’s what I’ve seen around theweb). Also,Can I take 600mg of it daily?ordoes it need cycling? Please explain.

---  Instead of having 1200mg of NAC beforedrinking , why don’t u suggest alpha lipoic acid 1200mg? Whydon’t other sites also recommend the same? Why do they all keeptalking about NAC? Is it better than alpha lipoicacid?


Here's the benefits of adding pink himalayan sea salt to yourwater:

1 | It can reduce stress

2 | It can help relieve stress on your adrenalglands to combat adrenal fatigue

3 | It's good for heart health

4 | It can help keep your blood pressurestable

5 | It can help better your sleep quality from themagnesium content

6 | It can help to relieve anxiety by causing yourbody to produce more oxytocin

7 | It can give you a slight boost in energylevels

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