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Burn Off Your Beer Belly is committed to helping you burn belly fat naturally and achieve your ultimate health & wellness goals. You’ll discover how to take an unconventional, yet sensible ‘UN-dieting’ approach to real food nutrition, healthy lifestyle design, incredible fat loss, lean muscle gain, primal & paleo eating habits, hangover cures, hangover prevention techniques and so much more. All this while still enjoying good, quality craft beer. Each week we help you reject the mainstream & conventional diets by providing actionable, legitimate and practical solutions to reduce belly fat. Burn Off Your Beer Belly is here to help you be healthy, boost energy, beat cravings and burn belly fat safely.
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Jan 25, 2016

On today's bonus podcast episode, we talk to our special guest Jay Cardiello - 'The No Diet Plan' from the new reality dieting TV show on ABC called 'My Diet Is Better Than Yours'.

This interview was the first EVER interview I've conducted.

We also recap episode 5 & 6, which is week 5 & 6, of the competition show.

The show follows a few different celebrity trainers as they coach overweight people looking to get healthy and create incredible weight loss.

Each of these different trainers is paired with regular overweight contestants and compete with the other trainers in helping their designated person to reach their weight loss goals.

A Huge Thank You Goes Out To Jay Cardiello For Coming On The Podcast!

He was very cool and we hope he keeps helping to change people's lives for the better. Making them healthy so they can enjoy life again!

Here are the 5 health trainers on the show:

1 | Carolyn Barnes from cLEAN Momma Plan Was REPLACED With Rob Sulaver from The Nutrient Timing Plan

2 | Jovanka Ciares from The Wellness Smackdown Was REPLACED With Jennifer Cassetta from The Strong Safe And Sexy Plan

3 | Jay Cardiello from The No Diet Plan

4 | Dawn Jackson from The Superfood Swap Diet

5 | Abel James from Fat Burning Man promoting the Wild Diet

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